Friday, April 27, 2012

Do you believe in magic?

I'll tell you about the magic, it'll free your soul
but it's like trying to tell a stranger 'bout rock and roll
-- John Sebastian

It's been magic around here lately. I put my big house on the market in February, after a fair amount of work to get it polished and perfect. My real estate agent and I planned for the most advantageous timing; I moved out so the house could be staged. I stated my intentions regarding price and ease of the transaction, then trusted it would all work out. And it did! Exactly as I had hoped, with an even better price that I had imagined. WOW.

The apartment we moved in to has been perfect. Three bedrooms, nice little patio, quiet location in the complex, very close to the old house and the kids' schools. All my furniture fit and a talented decorator friend helped me make it beautiful. I requested a six-month lease, which will be up at the end of May.

Yesterday I put an offer on a townhouse. It's in a tranquil, serene setting, with beautiful old trees and lots of open space. The unit itself is gorgeous, with high-end appliances, soaring ceilings and a detached two-car garage. It's close to B's new school, still in the town I've lived in since 1995. There were two other offers expected, per the seller's agent, so my agent and I decided on a pretty aggressive price. A price that made me a little nervous. Just in case the other offers didn't come through, though, we had a more modestly priced offer as Plan B. And darned if the other two potential buyers didn't back out! Plan B was accepted last night, and as of May 11th I'll be a homeowner again. WOW! And not only that, but the timing allows me to move us out of the apartment when the lease is up. Just like I planned! MAGIC. It feels like I'm in the cosmic flow, following my heart and stepping up to a bigger life. And the universe is stepping up to meet me!